For New Homeowners, Veteran Homeowners, and Real Estate Agents

We want you to understand your home and its systems, so you can avoid unexpected expenses and safety hazards both now and in the future.  Join our Certified Professional Inspectors as we walk through your home and perform a thorough inspection.  We want you to ask questions and voice your concerns as we go.  When we are finished, we will send you a report and you will be your own home expert equipped with the proper knowledge to maintain and care for your home.

Don’t need a full inspection?  We are happy to perform single area inspections for the following areas of your home so you can decide if maintenance or replacement is needed:

  • Decks | Attics | Garages | Exteriors | Siding/Trim
  • Thermal Imaging Areas | Home Energy Audits
  • Full Inspection of Home

    • Includes thermal-imaging
    • Energy Audit (additional fee)
  • Easy to read report

    • Detailed explanation of home/single area general condition
    • Summary of major issues needing addressed
  • Quick guide on locations of major shut-offs

    • Includes new tags to mark shutoffs
  • Major Home System Maintenance Schedule